Jim Tyson's Corvette

Jim's looking for any information on the racing history of his car.

What is known is that the car raced in Northern California in the early 60's until it was sold sometime around February 1969 (it was advertised for sale in Competition Press/Auto Week sometime in 1967-68). The car was then trailered to the East Coast and campaigned briefly in NY, NJ & CT and sold again in the early 70's. The car changed hands once again but remained in storage from the early 1970's until it was completely restored in the late '90's. From the late 60's until restoration began, the Corvette was painted a bright (but by this time) faded orange. 
Upon paint removal, it was evident that the original color combination was black with silver coves. It had the big brake option (rpo 684), air box option (rpo 579E), fuel injection and unique #908 dual drive distributor and contained a unique shortened steering column. After completing restoration, it appeared at several East Coast vintage race events and then went back into storage. 
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