Monterey Historics 2006 -- Best Shots!

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Group 1A -- Peter Giddings' Alfa Romeo & Larry Ayers' Morgan "Trike"
George Wingard's Delage & Other Group 1A Cars Brake For Turn 8
Group 2A Cars Approach Turn 8
John Zilisch (Veritas) leads other Group 2A Cars Into Turn 8
Group 2A -- Dean Meiling (Maserati A6GCS) In Turn 8A
Group 3A -- 2 Formula III Cars Exit Turn 8A
Ernie Nagamatsu (Ol' Yeller II) leads Group 4A Cars Out of Turn 8A
Group 4A -- Two Devin SS-Chevrolets Brake For Turn 8
Group 5A -- Brian Horwood's Cooper- Bristol in Turn 9 On Cool-off Lap
Group 5A -- William Cotter's Scarab in Turn 9 On Cool-off Lap 
Group 6A -- Miller & Mazzotta  In Turn 8 in Trans-Am Cars
Group 7A -- Historic F1 Cars Power Down the Turn 8 "Corkscrew"
Group 7A -- David Springett & Steve Earle In the "Corkscrew" 
Group 7A -- Bobby Rahal & Brad Hoyt Gurney Eagle & Ferrari 312
Group 1B Cars Enter Turn 8
Group 1B --  John Furlow's Kurtis 500KK In Turn 5
Group 1B -- James Lustman's Jaguar C-Type Exits Turn 5
Group 1B --A lexander Curtis's Mercedes-Benz 300-SL Exits Turn 5
Group 2B -- Tom Claridge's Porsche RS61II In Turn 9
Group 2B -- Terry Hefty's Cooper Monaco & Others Brake For Turn 8
Group 2B -- John Muller's "Pupulidy" Special In Turn 8A
Group 2B -- Pete Lovely's Lotus & Ollie Crosthwaite's Cooper In Turn 8
Group 2B -- Lap 1 -- Andrian van der Kroft's Cooper Monaco Leads the Race
Group 2B -- Mark Clubb Leads & van der Kroft Tries Zanardi's Shortcut
Group 3B -- Alan Prentiss's Genie- Chevrolet Brakes For Turn 8
Group 3B -- Terry Miller's Webster Special In Turn 8A
Special Section:   Group 4B -- Nine photos...   Enjoy!
Group 5B -- Bruce Leven's Corvette Stingray Leads In Turn 8
Group 5B -- Lynn Park's Cobra & Others In Turn 8A
Group 5B -- Four Mini-Coopers Lined Up In Turn 8A
Group 5B -- Steve Park's & Sandra McNeil's Cobras In Turn 8A
Group 6B -- Mac Archer's 427 Cobra In Turn 8A
Group 6B -- Brad Hook's Porsche 908 Leads K. Morgan's 907K  In Turn 8A
Group 6B -- Harley Cluxton's 427 Cobra In Turn 8A
Group 6B -- Nick Colonna's Ford GT40 &Tom Armstrong's GT40 In Turn 8A
Group 6B -- Bob Gett's Chevron and Morgan and Hook -- Porsches
Group 7B -- Van Zannis's Porsche 934/935 In Turn 8A
Group 7B -- Ken Epsman's Dekon Monza In Turn 8A
Group 7B -- Boris Said's 1975 BMW 3.5 CSL In Turn 8A
Group 7B -- William Connor's 
Porsche 935J In Turn 8A
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