Dave Nicholas' Photos -- Sebring, 1960

From Dave Nicholas:  "We were 18 when we beg borrowed and stole our way from upstate NY to Sebring.  There were a bunch of us known as the BARC: "Binghamton Automobile Racing Club" and the way we paid for gas to get to races was by selling photos to guys with TR-3s and MGA's.   We had a hell of a run.  Hung out with Lance Reventlow and the Scarabs -- were close with Briggs Cunningham and Alfred Momo when the Scarabs came east to duel it out with the Lister-Jags.  The top two shots need to be credited to John Kelley.  He was #8 in BARC. "

Link to Dave's:   BARC Boys Website
From Dave Nicholas:  "We were all in love with that damn Testa Rossa.   I still think it is possibly the most beautiful Ferrari -- hell, race car -- ever built.   Jack Nethercutt was terrific.  Never met him, but he must have had some money.  Look at the perfect helmet, goggles, gloves... the dude was very, very cool."                           (Photo by John Kelley)
From Dave Nicholas:  "Pete Lovely has the RRDC decal and the white helmet."  Note the ugly FIA-required windshield and luggage bump.  Olivier Gendebien and Hans Herrmann won the 1960 Sebring 12-hour race outright in a Jo Bonnier-entered Porsche RS60, and the all-American trio of Bob Holbert/ Roy Scheckter/Howard Fowler drove a Brumos Porsche-entered RS60 to 2nd place.   Nethercutt and Lovely in Nethercutt's #8, the 3-liter V12 Ferrari Testa Rossa #0768, finished 3rd.               (Photo by John Kelley)
From Dave Nicholas:  "I have no idea who the guys are that are refueling #8, but it sure says a lot about safety in those days.  Note the only thing that separates the front straight from the pits are some hay bales."                                            (Photo by Dave Nicholas)
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