Dr. J.K. Skivington's Early Photos

These are some earlier shots taken by Dr. Skivington before he moved up to a pro-quality "Speed Graphic" camera.  Most of the cars, drivers, dates, and venues are unknown or unconfirmed. 

Al Coppel -- OSCA
Al Coppel -- Nardi-BMW
John Reid -- Jaguar XK-120
Unknown -- 2 Merc-Benz 300SLs
Unknown -- AH passes spun out Jaguar XK-120.
John von Neumann -- Ferrari
750 Monza
Unknown -- MG & Porsche
Joe Esherick -- Frazer-Nash
Phil Hill  -- MG-Ford V8-60
Bill Breeze -- MG Special
Bill David -- MG Hagemann Special
Roger Barlow -- Simca Spcl.
Pebble Beach -- 1951
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