Bart Martin's Cooper-Chevy

Bart Martin drove the ex-Jack Brabham, ex-Sam Weiss, ex-George Grinzewitsch (???) Cooper Monaco to a string of victories in Northern California events in 1964.  Jim Herlinger, a friend & associate of Martin, restored the car to this configuration.  This photo shows Herlinger behind the wheel at the "Wine Country Classic" event at Sears Point Raceway in 1988.   I don't remember the Martin car having fins in 1964.

(Note:  I recall hearing "back in the day" that the Grinzewitsch car was the ex-Weiss car  and that Grinzewitsch was Weiss's mechanic.  The story continued that Grinzewitsch resurrected the car as a tribute to Weiss.  I have no proof of this.

Another memory from "back in the day":  I heard that the Martin car was the ex-Grinzewitwsch car.  Again I have no proof.

Another possibility:  The Leon Robertson Cooper Monaco.  This 2-liter Cooper Monaco also raced out of Sacramento, CA in 1961.  I have no idea what became of it after the 1961 season.  In 1962 Robertson raced a "Bobtail" Cooper with 2-liter Ferrari power.

The Robertson car appears to have a stubbier nose than the Weiss-Grinzewitsch car.)

This "in period" photo from Cliff Reuter's "Etceterini" website shows Martin on one of his victory laps after a 1964 NorCal event.  Note lack of fins -- this is how I remember the car.
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