Chuck Tannlund -- 5      The Maserati A6GCS
From Chuck Tannlund:   (12-12-06)

"The widow of a late friend discovered a photo of my car that her husband had taken in the tech line at Cotati in 1957.   My car was an authentic A6GCS/2000 as manufactured and delivered from Officini Alfieri Maserati, Italy.

To me, it is quite a different looking car than some "restored" cars now being raced in Historic Races, such as the car driven by Dean Meilings. I am sorry to see that quite a few vintage racers have been rebuilt, repaired, rebodied and changed but not restored. 

Even the Maserati 300S that I drove looks quite different now with an American-made body that is not an accurate reproduction. I hope that the owners and restoration shops in this country will endeavor to be as accurate with the rebirth of these old priceless racers as they have been in Great Britain and Europe."

"This car was destroyed in a garage fire".

"The fellow standing behind the Maser ( with the crewcut) is Dennis Sullivan, formerly of Brisbane,Ca.   He was the owner of the XK120M that I drove at Laguna Seca in 1959.  I have lost touch with him. Last I knew, he had moved to the Seattle area - many moons ago.  The other fellow in the photo I can't ID. "

(Your webmaster's original mistaken idea that Chuck Tannlund was involved with the "Cisitalia-Maserati" mystery car has long since been thoroughly refuted.)

This looks like a painting made from a photo -- maybe part of a sales brochure?
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