Chuck Tannlund -- 3

More photos from Chuck's career.

Chuck in #19 Jaguar XK-120 chases Dean Geddes' Corvette around Laguna Seca's old Turn 9.  This was during the October 24-25, 1959 event.    (Photo by Pete Biro)

On Saturday the 24th, Chuck finished 10th OA and 5th in Class "C" Production behind four Mercedes-Benz 300-SL "Gullwings".  Geddes was 5th OA, 4th in Class "B". 

(From Michael Antonick, "California Screamin' The Glory Days of Corvette Road Racing" Pg. 151)

There's little doubt how this drag race turned out.    (Photo by Pete Biro)

Chuck in Larry Albedi's #18 Lotus Mk.15 (1498 cc.) takes on heavy competition exiting Laguna Seca's old Turn 9 at the "Pacific Grand Prix" on October 20-21, 1962.  Car #411 is John Cannon in the Canadian-entered Chevy V8 powered "Dailu Special" (6000 cc.).

Chuck on driving the Lotus:

"This is me in the Lotus Mk.15 in practice for the pro race. The car handled poorly and I told Larry I thought it was unsafe and declined to drive. 

He sold the car the following week in two pieces, the engine to Sid Colberg and the chassis to Jerry Lewis."


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