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Chuck raced between 1957 and 1965, mostly in Northern California.  He had a successful career and drove some very interesting cars.

Here's Chuck at Stockton on March 27th, 1960 in Nemore Barbieri's Maserati 300S.  He leads Jack Graham in Ferrari Testa Rossa #0754 and Sacramento's Leon Robertson in a Porsche 550.  (Photo by Pete Biro)

Chuck's driving a very well-known Northern California car.  It's the ex-factory, ex-John Edgar car #3071. Ron Dykes campaigned it in 1962.  George West also owned and drove it in NorCal events.  It lives on in historic racing with its current owner, Anthony Wang.

Chuck added this info about the Maserati:

"I checked the Sebring results, and the car was driven there to 2nd OA by Stirling Moss ? Harry Schell.  Fangio ? Jean Behra had won OA in the 450S. That was the last official entry by Maserati and they beat the factory Ferrari's, Jaguar D-Types, ? Porsches.

I remember that Nemore had told me the car had been impounded after the Sebring race because of a visa/duty problem.  After that problem had been cleared up, the factory shipped the car to San Francisco in Nemore's care.  So it appears the car had been impounded longer than I remem- bered. 

I do recall the Webers were fouled with jelled gas when the car arrived in SF. I can confirm it was indeed the ex-Moss, Sebring car as I had seen a photo of Moss in the car at Sebring with the same dent in the RF as can be seen in my photo. Also this car had been fitted by the factory with the huge 450-S drum brakes for the long endurance race. 

Originally the idea was that I would drive the car a few races races to try to put an end to Ferrari dominance on the west coast.

A mechanical problem at Stockton curtailed that plan. On the start of the race, I thought the clutch had gone out and I drove the race using no clutch at all. I told Nemore after the race of the problem and he was not overly concerned. 

However upon disassembly he found a greater problem -- the crank flange had broken. He had to order a new crank from Italy, and it was a special crank that had to be machined which took a very long time. 

By the time he received the new crank and rebuilt the engine between his regular business customers the factory had instructed him to abandon the project and sell the car.  I believe it was Ron Dykes (a fine, underated driver) that purchased the car.

I did also drive a A6GCS/2000 a couple of times in 1958, but I have no pics of that car. It was later destroyed in a structure fire."

Another look at Chuck in the beautiful and historically significant Maserati 300S #3071.  (Photo by Pete Biro)
More from Chuck on his experience with the car:

"I only raced the Maserati once, at the Stockton Airport course. 

I got a lousy start because of the clutch/crank problem and had to play catch-up.  I figured out how to pass Jack Graham in  the Testa Rossa, (not easy-- he was always loose in the turns).  I  outbraked him, pulled away, and he never got close again or passed me. I think I was about 4th or 5th OA.

I took home a trophy which said (1st Class M5). The following Monday afternoon, I gave that trophy to Nemore at his shop in SF.  The same afternoon, Charlie Rezzagi (the SF importer of Maserati and OSCA) came over to congratulate us. 

That trophy was still in his office the last time I saw him. He returned to Italy in the late 60's or early 70's. Charlie died quite a few years ago."

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