Chuck Parsons -- Lotus Mk.23B  (4)
Parsons on his way to a big win at the June 9, 1963 USRRC event at Laguna Seca.  He's driving Randy Hilton's 1600cc. Lotus Mk.23B.  Don Wester, also Monterey-based, finished 2nd in his Porsche RS61, for a one-two sweep for the home team.  (Gravelle Family Photo)

Parsons moves onto the starting grid for a practice session or an amateur support race.  Hisd wife, Sherry, rides shotgun.  #107 is Art Snyder in the ex-Jack Dalton Genie-Alfa; #207 is Harry Banta in another small Genie, this one BMC powered;  #166 is Dr. Bill Molle in his 1100cc .Lotus Mk.23.   (Gravelle Family Photo)

Parsons fires up the Lotus for the short run to the starting grid.  Sherry Parsons looks on.  #31 is the well-known MGB of California racing star and soon-to-be Honda F1 driver Ronnie Bucknum.   (Gravelle Family Photo)

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