Info Find on a Mystery Car!

Historian Ron Cummings found an article titled "Backyard Ferraris" (writer uncredited) in the April, 1956, issue of "Sports Cars Illustrated".  The article offers photos & info on various early 1950s American-built sports/racing Specials and suggests that building such a car would be a good idea.   What caught Ron's interest was this photo:

It's one of our "Mystery Cars"!  It's an MG Special posted on 1-31-04 by Chris Insalaco.  No one ever came forward with any info on the car.  The front suspension and front fenders of Chris's "barn find" car are very distinctive and there's no doubt that this photo shows the same car -- from its racing days in 1956!  (The "SCI" article didn't identify the car or the coverall-clad gentleman in the passenger seat.)

Here's the caption for the photo:

"Bodies for specials can be elaborate or simple.  This West Coast (clue!) MG-based special is a tough contender representing a fairly small outlay in cash and a large outlay in time.  Note the cross-sprung front suspension."

Ron Cummings comments:

"Well, we now know that this MG Special was a real race car!   Front suspension looks like Fiat Topolino.  But with British rack and pinion steering?"

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