Bob Mosier's Manning Special

Bob contacted photographer Allen Kuhn about this car.  Allen contacted historian Ron Cummings who contacted me.  

From Bob Mosier (to Allen Kuhn):  "I bought this car a while back, and no one can identify the body. The chassis is a Chuck Manning design, made quite faithfully to the blueprints he sold, but we don't know the origins of the body. 

Have you ever seen a body like it? We can tell it was made in a permanent mold, so someone was planning to, or did, make several."

Good-looking body.  With the fender cutaway it reminds me of the Aston Martin DB3S.

It wouldn't have been a terrible idea to roll the car a little farther outside into full sunlight.
(8-11-06)  From Dan Ellis:     

"Great site!  Just a bit of info on the Bob Mosier's 5-11-05 photo... Revell models made 1/32's of this car.  They came in red or blue as best I can recall as my brother and I had one each.  Unfortunately, one day we had a terrible dispute and both models were destroyed.  (I guess boys will be boys now and then.)  May I suggest contacting Revell for a history of products vintage 1971-1976?"

(5-10-10)  From Chuck Lantz:

"I noticed the Bob Mosier Manning Special photo, and recognized the car body pictured. The caption was correct where it guessed that the body appeared to be from a production mold.  Though I cannot recall the name of the thing (it will come to me sometime in the middle of the night.), it was a kit-car body sold in the early 60's. It might have been made by Kurtis, or was at least a knock-off of their bodies.

I think the company was based in either Northern California or Northern Nevada, and they ran a few small ads in Sports Car Illustrated and possibly Road & Track. At least two of them were purchased by guys from the San Francisco Bay Area. I saw one of them in the early build stages in Oakland, in a friend of a friend's garage. I recall that it was fiberglass, and while reasonably "clean" in the glass layout, it was heavy as hell. I think they were designed to drop onto a Corvette chassis, but that's a very hazy guess. 

The faux Testa Rossa cutouts behind the front wheels, and the very wide and flat nose were what gave it away. Both were the most distinctive features of the body."

4-8-22   From Joel Driskill:

"I believe Bob Mosier's Manning Special  was built by a guy named Kenneth Brown from Ontario, CA.  It was built in 1959.


"The last I heard, the car was on display at the Petersen Museum with its body hanging above the chassis.  That was 10 years + ago.   I have been recreating the Manning Special and have been collecting info on all the clones and cars built from the Manning blueprints.  The history on this one has been elusive...  Until yesterday."

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