Updates -- 2007
New Page!   Updates -- 2008!!!
12-18-07  Clausio Sassi, Secretary of "Club Italiano Panhard", is looking for photos and history of this Panhard HBR5 rebodied in plastic and which raced in California in the late 1950s.
Great event!!!  "Southern Yosemite Automotive Film Festival"  March 28-30. 2008.
Solved!!!   Mystery sports car is Ralph Bush's Singer SM 1500. More from Mike Jacobsen.
John DeBoer on the "Atlas/Allied fiberglass" Cisitalia 202 copy.
More from John DeBoer:  He ID's Chris Insalaco's MG Special "Mystery Car".
12-12-07  More photos from Joe Breeze -- Bill Breeze's Cooper FIII cars at Pebble Beach, 1952.
12-7-07 Joe Breeze, son of early 1950s NorCal SCCA racer and Regional Exec Bill Breeze, contributes his photos and memories of his father and the "old days".
11-29-07  HMSA and "MG Vintage Racers" invite MG racers to Laguna Seca March 15-16, 2008.
Your webmaster's photos and comments from the most recent "L.A. Auto Show".
11-26-07  More from Bob Engberg on the "Elva 50th Annniversary at Sebring".
New photo of Dr. Lyle Powell in his "Crocus F-Jr." at Laguna Seca in 1961.
11-11-07  "The Cobra Ferrari Wars 1963-1965" by Michael Shoen -- 2nd edition published!  Read your webmaster's review!
11-3-07 Your webmaster's barn find "Mystery cars"!
10-20-07  Best Shots!  New page posted from the "2007 Coronado Speed Festival".
10-19-07  Two new Chaparral 2H photos from Tony Ferrari!  (Bottom right of Homepage.)
10-14-07  Reventlow Scarab vs. Cunningham Lister-Jag -- Montgomery, 1958 New from BARCboyz!
10-12-07  Scott McLenahan explains those red headlight covers on his 1930 Alfa Romeo GS.
Homepage posted for the 2007 Coronado Speed Festival,
10-3-07  New!!!   MGA racer Tony Ferrari's photos of Northern California racing in the 1960s.
9-29-07  Interesting website:   "The Cobra and Ferrari Wars".  Great presentaition:  "Maserati Celebrates Fangio".    Rich Campbell, editor of MINUTIA, the Newsletter of the Microcar & Minicar Club needs info on an H-Mod trophy he has acquired.
9-24-07  New "Mystery Car"!   Steve McInteer is looking for info on his highly modified MGA-Chevy.
9-21-07  Longtime website contributor Bob Engberg is organizing the "Elva 50th Annniversary at  Sebring" celebration to be held at the SVRA vintage races March 12-15, 2008.
9-15-07  New "Mystery Car"!  Stu Hanssen is looking for info on his father Bill Hanssen's "Baldwin Special".
9-13-07  New website sponsor:   "Old School Restorations of North Alabama, USA"  "Returns 1950s and 1960s SportsRods and RaceCars to life."
9-12-07  The "Monterey County Herald" presents this slide show honoring 50 years of racing at Laguna Seca (now called Mazda Raceway). 
9-11-07  Former Aston Martin DB3S owner and website contributor Ron Keil updates the Jack Graham Aston Martin-Chevy page.  Kare Pietilä of Helsinki, Finland, updates two Torrey Pines pages:   One features Phil Hill's Ferrari 212 Export and the other John von Neumann's Ferrari Monza.
9-7-07  New Mystery Car!   Roy Hunter is looking for info on what might be one of the "Barlow Simcas".
9-6-07 Monterey Historics 2007 -- All Racing Groups posted.  Indy Cars / Brooklands Cars posted!
8-9-07  Excellent book!  "Fast Women" by Todd McCarthy.  History of lady drivers with emphasis on the 1950s:  Denise McCluggage, Ruth Levy, Ginnie Sims, Mary Davis, et al.  Highly recommended!
8-2-07  From Corvette guy Jim Gessner -- Dave MacDonald powerslides the King Cobra -- Riverside, 1963
7-10-07  Bugeye Sprite "Mystery Car" -- with a Pacific Northwest racing history?
7-9-07 Two new "Mystery Cars" -- this one should be fun for the historians!
7-6-07  Mystery Kurtis!  Ed McCarroll's story of building and racing a Corvette Special in 1962!
7-2-07  "Best Shots"  Your webmaster's favorite photos from the 2007 "Wine Country Classic".
7-1-07 Historic NASCAR cars!     Photos of fun cars posted from the 2007 "Wine Country Classic".
6-30-07  We've all seen it -- what's the story on Turbo Porsche exhaust flame?
6-25-07  New!!!   Aerial photo of Riverside Raceway from 1982.
6-19-07  Historic racer Mac Archer has died.
6-17-07  Every Father's Day...   Fun photos from the "Concours on Rodeo" in Beverly Hills, California!
6-16-07  New Scarab Photos!   From "Modena West".
6-15-07 New "Mystery Car" Posting:  Tim Hunt is looking for info on his Olds-powered Jabro!
6-14-07  CR McCain is looking for info on Gil Schick:  "I am still trying to find anyone still alive that might know Gil Schick 's history or relatives."  If you can help CR -- Please email me!
6-12-07  Car ID's!!!   Website visitors identify the cars from the movie "Road Racers".
5-21-07  Car ID Fun!!!  Mark Dawber from NZ sent this link to "Mystery Cars" from the 1959 movie "Road Racers".   If you can identify any of these 1950s sports racers Please email me!
5-16-07  Jarrett Rothmeier identified the "Mystery non-Ferrari".
Scott Sperka offered corrections on Maserati 200SI #2412 and info on Ferrari 500MDTR #0654.
Dr. Wolf Zweifler is looking for photos & info on Maserati 250SI #2431.
5-13-07  Guus Luijten of the Netherlands is looking to ID this monoposto Ferrari (or is it?).
5-11-07  Jerry Entin is looking for info on this "Mystery Formula C Car".
Everybody got it right -- pretty much. "Mystery Photo" responses.
4-2-07 Ron Cummings contributed photos & info on John Masterson's "Batmobile" Special from 1960.
Jim Tyson is looking for info on a "Mystery Car" Corvette.
Gary Enoch contributed photos & info on his father's Miller-Crosley "H Mod" from 1956.
3-14-07  We lose one of the greats.  1950s-60s Porsche driver Jack McAfee passes on.
2-24-07  Best Shots -- "Classic Images" finished!    Original photos from 1961-62!
2-20-07  Bob Engberg updates the info on his Elva Mk.II -- and looks for history and memories of his car.
2-18-07   "Best Shots Homepage"  Your webmaster's favorite and most fun shots!
2-15-07 Can anyone ID this "Mystery Maserati 300S"?
1-2-07  I hope you enjoy John Thawley's motorsports photos as much as I did.
1-1-07                Exciting upcoming event!   Check out Dave Wolin's "Southern Yosemite Automotive Film Festival".  Interesting films, interesting people, well worth attending!

John Gillespie owns the 1949 Jaguar XK 120 alloy that Roger Barlow raced April 16th, 1950  at the first Cal Club roadrace.   He's looking for photos & info.

Ex- Old Yeller I owner Mike Larkin has created an interesting new car called the "BeerSter".

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