Jack Graham -- Aston Martin DB3S-Chevy

Jack Graham in his Chevy-powered Aston Martin DB3S #112 at the Cotati Airstrip, August 4, 1957.

From DB3S owner Ron Keil:

"The red DB3S is undoubtedly the long-missing #109; the exhaust pipes coming from an unnatural place on the *left* side clearly mark it as the only one of its kind converted to Chevrolet power (though I recall seeing the car at Stockton in '58, listed in the program as having a Pontiac engine).  Any chance someone knows where the chassis/body may lie?

My DB3S, #115, had (still has) the engine from #109, or at least the front
cover from that engine as that is where the number plate resides.

"The entire world of DB3S enthusiasts would like to know what happened to #109.  The engine # came from a swap made by Joe Lubin when he owned #115, for what reason I don't recall.  Then Joe sold the car to Bill DeCreeft, who raced it for several years then sold it to me in 1963.  I made the horren- dous error, in 1966, of selling it to buy a faster race car; SCCA had just lumped anything over 2.0 litres into the "open" class and immediately I was out- classed by hand-me-down Can-Am cars in addition to the lone Testa Rossa still racing in the West.  The "new" owner still has the car and is restoring it."

(9-3-07)   More from Ron: 

"It looks like I misidentified Jack's car shown here as DB3S/109.  It is instead 112, the other car converted to Chevrolet power.  For years I had thought that only one car, 109, had been so converted.  I figured that out after talking on the phone for two hours this morning with Bunny Ribbs and then reading the article in Vintage Motorsport (Nov/Dec 1996) by Chris Nixon. 

109 was fitted with disc brakes and offset Borrani wheels and had the front wheel arch eyebrows as on the factory cars.  It was actually a customer car converted by the factory to factory specs and fitted with the front bodywork from the wrecked DB3S/6 before being delivered to Joe Lubin.  Other details which immediately identify it are the two airscoops alongside the hood (ugly!), two doors, a full width windscreen and clearance lights on the rear fenders. 

Sorry about the misidentification.  I thought Bunny had a line on the missing car but he described 112 instead.  It was this car that was badly damaged at Riverside in a collision with Dan Gurney; the frame was so badly bent the two main tubes scraped the ground."

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