"Mystery Car" -- Tim Hunt's Jabro-Oldsmobile

Tim is looking for information on his unusual car.  It's a Jabro which raced H-Modified in the 1950s, and in the early 1960s received a 215 cid Oldsmobile V8.   If you can help Tim Please email me!

From Tim Hunt:  "It has a 1965 Wisconsin license plate on it.  It was stored for years and then sold at the Hershey Car Corral in 1996 to a guy from Mass.   It then went back into storage again until I bought it this spring (2007).  I have no history."
From Tim:  "It was raced H modified with the number you see in late 50's.  In the early 60's somebody put an Oldsmobile 215 cu inch V8 in it along with a lot of modifications, and Dayton 13" wire wheels." 
This may be the first "H" Modified that I've heard of to receive a V8 engine swap.  (TM)
(Curious about what a "Jabro" is?  CLICK HERE)
(9-6-09)   From Wade Fuller:

"Ah, that's it in all its tarnished beauty. 

I owned it for a very short time and what I know of its history comes from the son of the original owner, one Jeffry Parker, who inherited the car after his father's death. I'm afraid I only know Jeff's father as "Mr. Parker", the former president and CEO of Parker Pens, thus the Wisconsin tags. He was a close friend of Bill Mitchell of GM and the B.O.P. alloy V-8 was supposedly a "factory hot Rod " built for Parker courtesy of GM and Mitchell. For some unknown reason the car had a speedometer with an odometer which registered only a few miles. Family lore suggests Parker Sr. drove the car down the road and was so intimidated by the power and handling he never touched it again. A very wise decision from what I saw. At this time Parkers company plane was a converted B-26 bomber, so he couldn't have been easily intimidated. 

The taped "4" on the car was on it when I owned it as well as the HM which seems to confirm it never raced with the V-8.  I sold the car at Hershey to a fellow from Wilberham, Mass.  8 or 9 years ago who had big plans for it. The following year it reappeared  in the same spot and in the same condition. I never saw or, mercifully, thought  about it until a year or more ago when Paul Wilson, a vintage racing friend, called  and said he was the new owner and was interested in its history. When I returned his call he informed me he had sold it. Where is it now?

Paul Wilson, by the way, races a very nice Jabro Crosley and Parker Sr.'s other son Steve was a very quick SCCA and IMSA Firehawk racer."

(6-25-11)   From Geoffrey Parker:

"I bumped into Wade Fuller today and he told me of the website showing the Jabro-Olds V-8. My father was the original owner of this car and I would be happy to share what I know about the car with the owner."

(12-7-11)    From Geoffrey Parker:

"This is my second email since there was no reply to my first.  Your site describing the Jabro-Olds asks for information on the history of the car ...

My name is Geoffrey Parker; my father Daniel had the car built in our home workshop near Janesville, Wisconsin while I was growing up. I'm happy to answer - or try to answer - any questions about the car's history. Just drop me a note ...."

(3-1-13)   From Mark Schoenlein:

"I did reach Tim. He said that he sold the car about 4 years ago because he felt that it was a major project. I do not know who purchased it."

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