Bugeye Sprite "Mystery Car"!

From Louise Culman:   "I have mechanically restored a lovely little Sprite - left the body the way I found it - and am vintage racing on the West coast." 

"The car is a 1959 right hand drive Bugeye Sprite.  I found it in Salem Oregon.  It is very dark green with a painted white stripe and a painted racing number is 13.   In the front  bonnet there is an additional small air scoop between the headlights.  The seats look like they came out of an old airplane.  There is a Ki-gas bottle control mounted on the dash."
"The cylinder head is painted orange.  It has drum brakes with backing plates drilled with many small holes for cooling.  It has wire wheels." 
"On the back is hand painted "Race prepared by Jerry & Alan automotive".   I'd love to talk to Alan or Jerry and ask them about a very interesting badge mounted in the middle of the dashboard."    

If anyone can help Louise with the history of her car:  Please email me! 

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