Roy Hunter's "Mystery Car"

From Roy Hunter:   "Several years ago I answered an add in the L. A. Times for a car described as one of the Barlow Simcas.  I purchased the car from Peter Boyd, who bought it at an estate sale.  He was told by a John Brigham, who was at the sale, that the car was the third of the Barlow Simcas, the one associated with Lewis Van Dyke.  Brigham said that Dr. Eschrich had bought the car from Van Dyke, installed an Offy engine, rebodied it and renamed it the Eschrich Special."

"The car I have is a tube chassis that appears to have started out as a cycle-fendered car.  It looks like it was later rebodied with an envelope fiberglass body with the #56F.  The body is a Murry Nichols fiberglass body.  When I checked all of my old race programs I found that Eschirch's racing number was 159 F and he raced an Offy special.  The number 56 F was used by Dr. Troy McHenry, a friend of Eschrich.  McHenry drove a car called the Trojan Sowers Special, also a cycle-fendered car." 
"The Trojan  was wrecked in '55 by McHenry's mechanic George Trevitt at Paramount Ranch.   McHenry himself lost his life during a race at Pomona in his 550 Spyder.  You may recognize the two doctor's names as being linked to the so called "James Dean Death Car".  After several years of looking, I was recently provided with pictures of the "Eschrich Special." Although it also has the same Murry Nichols body, it does not appear to be the same car.  Eschrich used fender flares to widen his car where mine was split lengthwise to increase its width."
"If anyone could help identify this car, itís owner, or driver, or builder, I would appreciate it very much."  If you can help Roy: Please email me!

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