Bill Hanssen's Baldwin Special

The Baldwin Specials were main event contenders in the early days of California sports car racing.  Stu Hanssen, son of racer Bill Hanssen, is looking for info on his dad's car.  Your webmaster has never heard of this car and he's very interested in learning more about it.

"Hello, I am Stu Hanssen son of William Hanssen who drove this car at Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, the road course at Pebble Beach where Ernie McAfee was killed, and also at Hanson Dam." 
"My Dad sold this car to Jack McAfee in approx. 1960.  This car was built by Willis Baldwin in Santa Barbara and sported the Baldwin name on the front of car above the grille."
"The car had an all-alloy body and I think a 'Nailhead' Buick V8 with a 3 speed trans. and drum brakes. 

As far as I knew we called it the Baldwin Special. There are a couple of other cars that he built and I have never seen this car since it was sold but I really would like to know what happened to the car"

Thanks, Stu Hanssen

(If you can help Stu: Please email me!

(3-2-13)   From Peter Kimball:

"I came across your wonderful site while doing a little research on one of the cars I'm helping a friend sell.  This Baldwin Special is currently located in rural Connecticut and has led a very interesting life since being sold to Jack McAfee.  

One of Bill Hanssen's sons has been in contact with my friend and is aware of the car's condition and for-sale status."

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