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This new page is for racing and sports/racing car related questions that don't involve "Mystery Car" car identifications.  If you have a question: Please email me!


From Rich Campbell, editor of MINUTIA, the Newsletter of the Microcar & Minicar Club:  "I have a small trophy that I found in a junk/consignment shop. It is a cheap brass cup, mounted on a plastic or bakelite base with the following engraved on the base:  1957 St. Simons Cup Second "H" Modified"   Can anyone help Rich identify his trophy?


"My name is John Gillespie.  I am the owner of the 1949 Jaguar XK 120 alloy that Roger Barlow raced April 16th, 1950 the first Cal Club roadrace.  I would like to know if you have anyone who has some race footage  16mm or still shorts of that race.  Any help would be appreciated."


From Bruce Dabney:   :One west coast special I've heard of over the years but never have seen a picture of, or found any info about, is the wonderfully-named 'Horribellus', driven by a guy maned Eugene Lee. Do you know (or do you know anybody in you're travels that might be able to provide) some info about this car? Would love to find out about this mystery car."


Thomas Horat is looking for info on Louis Chevrolet.


Paul House asks:   "Hi Tam,  I wonder if you could put this question on your excellent website.   Has anybody got a picture of the Lang Cooper when it was raced in the Essex Wire livery.  The driver was Skip Scott then back in 1965.    Thanks , Paul House"


Bruno PROTON de la CHAPELLE has many questions about restoring his Devin "D".

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