Group 8 -- Indy Roadsters / Brooklands Cars

The featured car this year.  Enough roadsters appeared to fill a full Indianapolis 500 33-car field with cars left over.  Most were powered by 4.2 liter Offenhauser 4 cyl. engines, with a couple of Chrysler V8s and one Chevy V8.  I heard about a Novi running a 4-cam Maserati V8 in lieu of the Novi V8 unit but I never saw it.

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Mark Mountanos -- 1958 Epperly "Demler Special"  (1)
Tom Malloy -- 1958 Watson "McNamara Chiropractic Special"
Don Butler -- 1958 Cornis "Cornis Engineering Special"
Raymond Boissoneau -- 1957 Kurtis "Roy Brady Special"
Dave Schleppi -- 1961 Chenowth "San Diego Steel Products Special"
James King -- 1960 Ewing "Joe Hunt Magneto Special"
Bruce Revennaugh -- 1961 Elder "Stearly's Motor Freight Special"
Robert McConnell -- 1957 Kurtis 500G2 "City of Daytona Special"
Mark Mountanos -- 1958 "Epperly Demler Special" (2)
Larry Pfitzenmaier -- 1959 Watson "Simoniz Special"
Aldo Bigioni -- 1959 Kurtis 500 "McKay Special"
Bill Boone -- 1960 Meskowski "Scmidt Special"

Brooklands was an early English banked track used for record runs.  Its characteristics spawned a unique breed of enormous aero-engined record breakers.  Three of these legendary cars circulated on demo laps at this year's Monterey Historics.

1933 Napier Railton Special
1909 "Blitzen Benz"
"Blitzen Benz" -- Problems at the top of the hill.
 Mercedes-Benz -- ?????

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