Don Butler -- 1958 Cornis "Cornis Engineering Special"

Butler in the corkscrew in this mysterious car.  There's NOTHING in Google on it.  But website visitors quickly added some background to what's a very sad story.

From Kevin Triplett:  (9-7-07)

"I was thrilled to see a photo of the Cornis Engineering Special at Monterey.  I have been searching for a photo of this car for years.  The car using the laydown engine design, was built by Ted Cornis of San Bernardino, CA,  for his friend Bob Cortner (1958 BCRA champion) to drive at Indy in 1959. 

Cortner was killed at Indy May 19, 1959, the day after he passed his rookie test, hitting the wall in the short chute between 3 & 4. Cornis left Indy heartbroken, and the damaged car remained in his shop for years until his passing. The car was restored by Lynn Paxton."

From author and historian Michael T. Lynch:  (9-7-07)

"Only roadster built by Ted Cornis.  Bob Cortner who drove midgets for Cornis crashed in practice at Indy on May 19 1959.  He died that evening."

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