DB Panhard "Mystery Car"
From Claudio Sassi, Secretary of "Club Italiano Panhard":   "I want to find some information about this car, and race photos from California.  It is a DB Panhard HBR5, chassis number 956, rebuilt for racing with a plastic barchetta body shell installed.  I only know that the car is a 1958 DB Panhard Coach re-bodied in plastic.  I think it's a DEVIN plastic body, but I don't know.   I know that it comes from California."

(2-12-08)  From Mark Brinker:   "The body is not a Devin.  Itís a Hollywood Plastics body."

From Claudio Sassi:  "This car was one of 20 with the RACER DB ENGINE with dismounted  heads (???  TM), and much power.  Unfortunately the original engine was sold to Vince Di Pierro for his DB,  who won the 24 Le Mans Hours.  On the car now is mounted a 1962 PL17 M5 engine." 
From Claudio Sassi:  "I send to you the photo with the original license number of California."

Does anyone remember this car from its racing days in California?  If you can help Claudio with the identity and history of his car Please email me!

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