Bob Wilder's "Bro Crim OSCA"
From Bob Wilder:  "I recently purchased a 1955 Special OSCA as a project car and am starting a much needed restoration. According to 2 articles in Motor Racing News in 1955  and 1956 by Hans Tanner, the car was constructed for Bro Crim, the son of a wealthy east Texas oil family that went to Italy to purchase a car and learn to race in Italian road and circuit events. In late 1955 or early 1956, Crim and the car returned to the Ft. Worth area where reportedly Crim joined the SCCA and raced in regional SCCA races for the next 3-6 years. Little history on the car is available after Crim returned to Ft. Worth and in the mid 1980's the car turned up in New York City at a used sports car dealer's shop where the restoration languished another 20+ years before I purchased the car."
"We are seeking any information on this car from the mid 1950's to the mid 1980's. There is some belief that the engine, transmission and rear end were removed and the car was turned into a modified drag car which is possible since when I purchased the car, the original engine, transmission and rear end were missing."
"This picture of the car is from a 1955 Motor racing news article. As you can see, the car was American racing colors- white with blue stripes; and according to Crim's son who has vague recollections of this car, it was always this color. Crim's son also remembers his father racing it at Eagle Mountain.

Please let me know if you uncover any information, pictures or history of this car. Restoring the car will be much easier and more correct if we know what we are trying to restore it to look like."

Letter to Peter Hylton re: the car's history.

If you can help Bob with the history of his car:  Please email me!

From author and historian Michael T. Lynch :  (1-2-08)

"I  remember seeing a pic of the car when it was new.  The only thing I can tell you is that Shelby not only knew Crim, but may have been his entrant for one race. Not the OSCA however."

From website and contributor and historic racer Bob Engberg:  (1-4-08)

"What a beautiful OSCA. I think that Crim's nickname was "Bo" rather 
than "Bro." He entered an Elva MK II with fiberglass body at the Eagle Creek races in 1957. The Elva had been destined to compete at Sebring but was  DNS.   The mechanic working on the front of the Elva  (see photo) has "Carroll Shelby" monogramed on his shirt so perhaps there is a Crim- Shelby connection that Peter might wish to pursue."

More from Michael T. Lynch:   (1-9-08)

"Shelby drove an XK-120 for Crim at Bergstrom AFB on 12 Apr 53.  DNF."

"Mansfield LA.  Race 2.  Crim entered an Elva for Shelby.  Retired. "

(11-8-09)   More from Bob Wilder:

"Here is some new information since you put my car on your web site and some updated history and pictures:

1. We are still looking for the original OSCA engine (1100 cc) # 1111 and Siata transmission that was reportedly taken to the Chicago area by an individual  in 1956-57 we donít know but we do know his two Air Force army friends- Lawrence Johnson and  Harold Hartman, both officers were stationed in Texas at the time.

2. The car had an interesting initial history (1950-1954) in Italy, and we have attached the history update. 

3.  The car was raced at Eagle Mountain, TX on March 3, 1956 by Crim. We believe it was raced least one more time in 1956 at Eagle Mountain but we are not sure. 

4. The history has been updated.

5.The car should be completely restored in 6 months and attached are some updated photos.

6. In response to one reader comment, Liggett Crimís name was Bro and no Bo.  He got the name Bro from his sister according to his son Liggett Crim III."

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