Vic Elford -- 1970 Chaparral 2J "Sucker Car"

Just for fun, your webmaster posted this photo as a "Mystery Car".  Not surprisingly, the knowledgeable sorts  visiting this website knew what they were seeing here. 

Tony Ferrari shot this photo at the October 18, 1970 CanAm event at Laguna Seca.  Vic Elford had qualified the Chaparral 2J "Sucker Car" for the pole position but blew the 494cid Chevrolet V8 "main engine" in the warmup session.  That's why the rear of the car is so dirty and oil-covered.  It couldn't be fixed in time for the race and didn't compete.

Here are a few of the responses:

"That is the stern of the 1970 Chaparral 2J CanAm car showing the ducted fans used to create downforce in the way modern racers now use venturi tunnels to generate a vacuum under the car.

They are driven by a Rotax 2 stroke engine that was louder than the 494 
Chevy.  It was the most annoying sound from a car until the development 
of the Mazda rotary.  Competitors complained about being peppered by 
track debris that blasted from the fans like buckshot.  It was soon 

Ivan M. Thoen

"I think it is a Chaparral 2J. I think Jim Hall raced the number 66 in the Can-Am series.   Thanks for the great site.  I was looking for something else and I came upon your Mystery Picture."

Greg Valent

"Looks like the rear-end of one of the Chaparral Ground-effects cars with the twin turbines. "

Rich Campbell

Several of you mixed up the Chaparral 2H from 1969 with 1970's 2J "Sucker car".   (Not a problem, I've done that myself.  TM)

"Without a doubt it is the chaparral 2H."

Todd A Raine

"Chapparal 2J?  The sucker car anyway."

J. Hannah

"The mystery pic is rather filthy Chap 2J - looks like a turbine powered 
dumpster from that angle!"

Paul Richards

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