Ferrari 212 Export / Maserati A6GCS
"This a lovely 2-litre Ferrari entering turn 10. It must have been a late entry as I cannot find it listed in the race programs. Ferrari experts will know this car, I'm sure, and I wonder if it might be the first Ferrari in the US that was owned by Jim Kimberly?" 


From Kare Pietil of Helsinki, Finland:

"This is not ex-Kimberly 166 MM #0010M; you can clearly see the pronounced rear valance and tail light assembly, so it really is a 212 Export!

I think this is 212 Export 0078E. This car was raced by Phil Hill in 1952. Then sold to Howard Wheeler in February 1953 and raced by him for all of 1953-54. Wheeler offered the car for sale in December 1954. Don't know if he sold it or not...

The only problem is that 0078 was blue with brown interior in 1952. On the other hand already later that year the interior look suspiciously dark, so I think the car may very well have been repainted/redyed into red/black by 1956. 

Otherwise it is identical; Hill even raced it with the passenger wind screen removed!

"One of the first "modern" Maseratis, Bob Gillespie's A6GCS, entering turn 10."
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