Mercedes-Benz 300-SL / Austin Healey 100S
"The Mercedes-Benz 300SL "Gullwing Coupe" owned by Lance Reventlow and co-driven by Bruce Kessler. The car is lining up for the 90-degree right at turn 9. There was an escape road here, the only one on the course."

Kessler won the production main event in this car on both Oct. 23, 1955 and Jan. 15, 1956 (DQ'd after the January event).  In the October event, his victory was especially tough as the "Gullwing" had been damaged in a shunt during the 6-hour enduro the day before (causing a DNF) and had handling problems in the race.

"This is a right-hand drive Austin Healey 100S driven by William Pringle. At one of the races, Stirling Moss drove a 100S around for a few laps, but I don't think this is him as I was over at turn 4 when he was driving and I took this photo at the "S" bend before turn 9. Pretty car."

This was a very successful entrant in both the Oct. 22, 1955 and Jan. 14, 1956 6-hour enduros.  In October, Pringle and co-driver  Roy Jackson-Moore finished 3rd overall and first in class "D" Modified.  In January, Pringle ? Jackson-Moore finished 4th.

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