C-Type Jaguar / Ferrari
"Pearce Woods exiting turn 6 and heading towards the back "straight", which was really a very fast series of "ess" bends. This was a pretty good place to see the cars and drivers. This photo was taken at one of the 1955 races, as Woods drove a Jag D-Type in the January 1956 race.  He won the October 25, 1955  6-hour enduro in this car, a C-Type Jaguar."

Woods drove the car "iron man" without a relief driver.

"This is Von Neumann's 3-litre Ferrari exiting turn 6. Perhaps Hill is driving."  (The helmet's dark instead of white like Hill's.  I couldn't find this Ferrari in the results.  TM)
From Kare Pietil of Helsinki, Finland:   (9-11-07)

"This is definitely 750 Monza 0492M (chrome strip on side and white marking on nose confirm this).   I have a note saying that von Neumann/ Hill finished second on July 10, 1955, in this car.  Shelby won that day with a Ferrari 4.1-litre (340 MM #0286AM).

Believe the attached photo was taken at the same site; the other 
Ferrari is 0474MD of Josie von Neumann's."

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