More of Darren Crispin's Query:

"Here is a picture taken 20 years ago. The car still looks this good today. It truly has a sharp body line and came also in a convertible as well as a roadster model. Any information that your members can come up with would be fantastic."

"The car was called the "186" and was manufactured at our company, Multiplex Mfg. in 1952-54. It was raced here in the east and later shown at the 1954 New York Automotive show. They started with a Harley Davidson engine and had some torque problems, but later settled on Willys 4 and 6 cylinder units. The car project never made it into full production, but I still have the first prototype (Aluminum Body) and a fiber glassed coupe of which I am enclosing a picture. We are restoring these cars now and I would love to find out what happened to Allied or if there are any other "Swallow" bodied cars still out there.  Any help you could offer would be great."

"My name is Rory Rinebold and I also own an Allied. My car is the large body meant to fit on the the Kurtis 500 chassis, or a modified domestic chassis. Unfortunately, my car was made with the latter, but I love it just the same. I am currently restoring the car with a new Ford frame and Jag suspension and a nicely warmed over Chevy Small block. I am starting a registry of Allied/Atlas/Vale owners  and currently have six owners, including myself, on the list and would like to keep in touch.  Your car looks a lot like the Bill Binney Allied/Doretti  #359 that raced in So Cal in the mid 50's. Email  Allen Kuhn for pictures of that car.

I have some copies of early sales brochures of the Allied Car, one with (who I believe is) Roy Kinch in the background. These photos were given to me by a real "Cisitalia" owner in Carmel. You mentioned the engine in your car, is the frame MG ? The alloy body is very interesting!... are you sure it's not an original Cisitalia?  As you can see by my photo, I've got some work to do."

From Don Blair:

"I photographed this car at the Westwood race track in Coquitlam, British Columbia in Canada in 1986. The body as I recall was fiberglass and it had a Chysler or Dodge 50's era hemi engine. The car was listed in the program as #256 1954 Kurtis 500KK driven by Stewart Wilson of Elko, Nevada."

From Etceterini expert John De Boer:  "The Atlas/Allied fiberglass "Cisitalia 202 copy" coupe were made in some numbers and some of the anecdotal "connections" mentioned may be confused based on assumptions that these bodies are rarer than they actually are. 

For example, my brother has a white one on an MGTD chassis and it had been fitted in the 1960's presumably with a Ford 289. Many years ago I compiled a bit of information and even wrote a brief story for a local MG club newsletter in response to a member having shared a photo of another car that he saw.  

I have not yet made a serious study and am not yet aware of any definitive way to differentiate between an Atlas body and an Allied body.  If Multiplex also made a small batch, that is of interest.  The only "Multiplex" reference I have noted thus far is for a car raced by "Harry Fanelli" at Sowega in 1953, race #109, the entry having come from "Henry G. Fanelli" of New Rochelle, NY.  The car, in a distant photo that appeared in Road & Track (2//54 p29), looked not so much like a Cisitalia but resembled more a Siata-Ford that had not yet arrived in the USA as of 1953. 

If there is an alloy body "master" for the Multiplex version, then I have to wonder if the body was removed from a Cisitalia ... which did happen to at least one car in the East. The west coast Atlas project mold was reputedly taken from Bob Petersen's (Petersen Publications = Motor Trend, etc.) Cisitalia 202 but I don't have any idea yet as to which car that might have been or if Petersen even owned one.  That story may have been a confusion with another car as well.  

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