The Binney-Allied-Doretti  (1)

This car was mentioned on the page discussing Darren Crispin's Allied bodied Specials.   I don't have a lot of infor- mation on this car which I gather is a Doretti with an Allied body, created by Bill Binney. 

The Binney car, with the very well-proportioned Cisitalia-inspired Allied body, is the coupe in the photo below.

This great photo (by Allen Kuhn?) shows Eric Hauser in Old Yeller I leading Bill Dixon in his Siata 208S and the Binney-Allied-Doretti driven by ???? at Paramount Ranch.  The Siata used a 2-liter Fiat V8 engine, and non-Balchowsky Dorettis used Triumph powertrains.

If the Binney car used a standard (for Doretti) 2.2 liter Triumph engine it should be a fair match for the Siata.

New!!!   The Binney-Allied-Doretti at the Concours held at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara in 1956!

From Tom Householder:

"I may have uncovered the Binney Allied Doretti. This is a Cisitalia-looking fiberglass body reported built by a man in the Modesto area. Portholes similar to 50's era Buick were reported on the coupe top quarters according to my report of the car in the mid 70's sitting in Redwood City.  The car was taken from a salvage yard in Modesto about ten years ago .  I keep looking at the Eaves body you commented on and wonder if this might have been the car we are talking about that was revamped as a coupe?   I haven't seen pics of the Doretti chassis'd car yet but am told it looks like a Cisitalia 2002d."

From Ron Cummings:

"Notice the stripped shirt? That's Eric Hauser driving the car, that would soon become Old Yeller, at Paramount Ranch. I do not believe Max ever drove that car at Paramount. Max usually drove his black Doretti-Buick at Paramount Ranch.  Eric was the actual owner of the Morgensen, Balchowsky-Buick, Old Yeller etc...  Max started driving the car when Eric began owing Max money for his mechanical services."

From Kurt Oblinger:

"Here is some info on the Allied bodied Doretti that recently surfaced in Modesto. The car has been purchased by a friend of mine, Isidro Martinez, and is now here in LA. The car uses a Swallow Doretti chassis with fabricated structures front and rear to mount the Allied body. The chassis has been modified in a number of interesting ways. 

First, there are a large number of lightening holes drilled in several chassis members as well as the pedal box and the pedal levers. Additionally, an Andrex friction shock, possibly from an MGTD, has been mounted to each side of the chassis just aft of the front suspension and acting on the lower a-arm. A sway bar has also been added to the front suspension. The front brakes have had cooling holes drilled in the backing plates and around the circumference of the face of the backing plates and the drums. All of the lightening holes are very cleanly 
drilled and precisely spced. The engine and trans are missing as is all the glass, instruments, wiring and almost all of the interior.

A quick mention should be made of how this car was found. The car had languished in a front yard for over 20 years and the owner decided to sell at the urging of his landlord. The seller's brother was interested initially and contacted Tom Householder in Ohio. Tom is the Doretti vehicle consultant for the Vintage Triumph Register and has gathered a tremendous amount of information on Dorettis over the years. I met Tom after I inherited my Doretti in 1985. The info we had initially said the body on the car was an Atlas body and resembled a Cisitalia. 

I had recalled seeing ads for a Cisitalia styled body by Allied and started doing some research. A Google search  gave a hit on Tam's Old Race Car Site and the Mystery Cars page where there was a mention of an Allied Doretti raced by Bill Binney. Neither Tom nor I had ever heard of this car. Further digging by Tom produced the Alan Kuhn photo and it then became apparent that the car in Modesto could be the Binney car. Luckily, I had a friend who was very  interested in '50s racing specials and he was able to buy the car." 

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