Max Balchowsky -- 8:  The Doretti-Buicks

Before he created the first Old Yeller and began his legendary career in earnest, Max installed "nailhead" Buick engines in  "Doretti" sports cars.

From Tom Householder:

"This is one of Max's cars . It's in Europe now and restored to Factory with the TR  drive line. This is chassis #1068 for future reference.  Although I never got to inspect this car it appears to have maintained most of its original parts. One floor pan seems to have been transplanted from another car . This is the third car with a louvered hood that I've seen.  Max 's car did not have the open scoop. The other hood I have pics of  had a chrome opening ala '56 Thunderbird . The registration number of this car was:  Calif. QEF 367.   Car was black with red interior."

From Ron Cummings:

"Dorothy Dean and Jim Sitz told me that Max bought at least 3 and possibly 4 Dorettis from her and converted them to 'Nailhead' Buick power.  He sold them but kept and raced one car.  Jim seems to think they were all black. Tom is a Doretti expert. Tom has a photo of the remains of Max's personal Doretti with Tom standing next to it. Tom at one point had located three Balchowsky Dorettis.   Max used his car in both drag racing and road racing."

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