Car ID's From the Movie "Road Racer"

Thanks for your car ID's!!!   I'm sorry I didn't get to this sooner but I've been busy attending the "Wine Country Classic" historic races at Infineon Raceway (Sears Point) and editing my photos.  Photos soon!

To locate photos from "Road Racers", follow this grid:     Rows down are 1-18.    Columns across are A-B-C-D.

From Ken Freese:    "The Austin Healey 100S picture is of Bob Windhorst's car."     (3A)

From Paul House:  "Looking at the pictures from "Road Racers" I noticed one captioned "Ferrari 125 Mille Miglia". Surely that is Ken Miles in the M.G. R1."     (6C)

From Bruce Dabney:     "Some of the mystery cars in the Road Racers movie:  -The one pictured 3 times, as: '1958 Edsel unknown', '1958 Ford F-series'(#110), and again at the end as 'unknown', is Ak Miller's El Caballo II."      (6B   8B   8C   17A)

The car identified as 'Ferrari 125 MM (#50) is Ken Miles in his first MG Special.   (6C)

#204 in the 'unknown' photo at the end is the (Pickford   TM) Jaguar Spl. with Balchowsky's Old Yeller  MKI behind it."   (10A   15B)

From Ron Cummings:    "Car #69 is Gurney in Arciero's 375 Ferrari Special with the fiberglass  body. The car still had a Ferrari motor that day and finished second.  The car had the highest top speed of any car down the mile long straight  for the race, something like 165+ miles per hour."  (1D)

"Ak Miller used his first of five Devin bodied cars, no. 111 Devin-Chevrolet   (6A  17B),  and El Caballo II.  (6B   8B   8C   17A)    He and Jerry Unser drove these two cars even swapping cars  mid-race during the film!! " 

"Eric Hauser drove Old Yeller, ex-Morgensen Special, and Don Hulette drove the Bill Pickford Jaguar-Chevrolet." 

"The car in the first Times GP, 1958, start is Jerry Unser in Micky Thompson's  Kurtis 500sx."  (16B)

"A lot of the photos seem to have been taken during the 1958 Times GP."

From author & historian Willem Oosthoek:

"#110  "Ak Miller in his Caballo Kurtis/Olds [raced by Bobby Unser]"     6B   8B   8C   17A)
 #111   "Bobby Unser in Ak Miller's Devin/Chevy [raced by Miller, they switched cars]"     (6A  17B)
 #204   "The Jaguar Special [Jaguar/Chevy] is Don Hulette's."   (10A   15B)
   #14   "The Lister [Lister/Chevy] is Bill Pollack's".    11C

From Bill Oker:

"Aston Martin DB3S?   Nope...That's my dear old Dad...Bob the DBR2 Aston owned by Joe Lubin."  (2B)

"Ferrari 125 Mille Miglia...Nope...That's Ken Miles in his first MG Special..."     (6C)

"To bad these shots are so outta focus...I can almost identify some of the others but not quite sure..."

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