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    1-3-09  David Martin's photos from Riverside and Pomona -- 1959.
12-17-08  Dieter Schambach's photos from the "Stardust" Can-Am race -- November 12, 1967.
12-15-08  Roger Daniells' photos from Cotati -- July 15-16, 1961.
12-1-08 Charles Greenlaw adds some info on Dave Dunbar's "Fubar Special!
Mike Larkin recreates the fabled "Sorrell/Larkin Special"!
11-19-08  Many more comments on the "Full House Mouse" H-Modified Mystery Car.
Note new "Google Ads":  So far this partnership with "Google" has yielded  $0.15.
11-11-08  We still haven't ID'd the "Full House Mouse" H-Modified Mystery Car.
11-5-08 Dr. Ernie Nagamatsu drove Old Yeller II at the Sept. 19-21, 2008 "Goodyear Revival Meeting"!
10-28-08 New early 1950s photos from Peter McKercher!   "Mystery Cars" to identify!!!
10-19-08 Jack McCornack wins alternative-fuel "Anything but Petroleum" race!
10-18-08 All pages posted of Peter McKercher's photos.  Help needed IDing cars, drivers, etc.
10-15-08          Peter McKercher's photos of California racing in the early 1950s:  Thumbnails posted.
10-9-08  Bob Franco's tribute video to the late Mac Archer and his 427 Cobra.
9-29-08  New scans and edits of all photos on "Best Shots -- Classic Images"  From 1961-1962
9-25-08  Monterey Historics:   All pages & photos posted!
8-28-08 Phil Hill R.I.P. 
8-9-08  New photos and and update on the current status of George Keck's "Porsche RSKeck".
More photos and memories of SoCal Corvette racing from Trenor Stanley.
7-28-08  New "Mystery Car":  Basie Roode's  Matra sports racer, with a South African racing history.
More 1950s SoCal racing photos from Bill Tibbetts!
7-24-08  New from Bill Tibbetts:  A hillclimb at Willow Springs in 1953!
7-22-08  This website is now affiliated with a high-end collector car dealership.
7-21-08 More new Bill Tibbetts photos -- most from Paramount Ranch, August 19, 1956
7-20-08 Dieter Schambach's photos of Pacific Northwest racing in the 1960s!
7-14-08  Dave Perry of "OldSchool Restorations" has posted TWO NEW MYSTERY CARS!
7-7-08  1950s Austin Healey and Corvette driver Trenor Stanley's Photos and Memories.
7-4-08  Charlie Hayes' Photos and Memories!
7-3-08   Were Pearce Woods and Pete Woods the same guy?  YES!
6-26-08  Fun event in Beverly Hills!   "Concours on Rodeo -- 2008"!!!
6-23-08 Bill Tibbetts' Photos of Southern California Racing in the early 1950s.
6-19-08  Wine Country Classic 2008 -- "Best Shots" Posted!!!
6-16-08  "Wine Country Classic" 2008 -- Racing Group 9 -- Can-Am cars posted!
6-15-08  "Wine Country Classic" 2008 -- Formula 5000 Reunion pages ? photos posted!
4-29-08 1950s SoCal racer and engineer Chuck Daigh has died
4-17-08  Fred Puhn updates progress on the Santee Sports Cars.
4-14-08  More from Jack Stewart on his innovative "DeMar Special".
4-11-08  Jack Stewart's "DeMar Special".  Interesting Chevy-powered SoCal racer from 1961!
4-10-08  Hector Cademartori's original collage of Bill Watkins' historic racers.
John Knudsen contributed a photo of an OSCA from a 1952 Elkart Lake event which may be...
3-30-08  "Best Shots!"  from March 15-16, 20098 HMSA event posted!
3-29-08  All racing groups from the March 15-16, 2008 HMSA races posted!
3-22-08  New Mystery Car!   John Gordon's aluminum bodied racer from Canada!
Tony Ferrari's photos from the March 15-16 HMSA "MG Reunion" at Laguna Seca!
3-3-08  New!  Tom Piantanida's photos of the 1969 Can-Am race at Texas Intl. Speedway.
Added!   Another of Tom's photos from the 1964 U.S. Grand Prix -- Hap Sharp in his Brabham-BRM
2-29-08  New!  All pages posted of Tom Piantanida's photos of the 1964 U.S. Grand Prix at Watkins Glen.
2-28-08  New!  Tom Householder's PANORAMA of the grid for the May 19-20, 1956 Bakersfield races.
2-26-08  New!  Fun!  Main event starts from 1961 -- Ak Miller out-accelerates everybody!
2-25-08  New!  1950s-60s photos from historic racer and website contributor Bob Engberg.
New!  "Racing Devins -- 2".
2-23-08  New!  Now available from this website:  Al Moss's four-DVD set of 16mm films, color slides, and b/w photos from California racing 1948-1963.  Your webmaster spent yesterday afternoon devouring these DVDs and they're fantastic.  If you like this website you will love these DVDs!
2-20-08  New!  Southern California Special!  John Albi's Devin-Chevrolet.
2-19-08  New!  Never before seen photos from your webmaster's collection.  Most from the 1961 "L.A. Times Grand Prix".
2-15-08  New creations from model-makers Jack Reynolds and Paul House.
2-13-08  All new photos, text, and pages from the April 14-15, 1962 "Port of Stockton" races.
2-11-08  Photos of 1961-62 California racing from your webmaster's collection -- Never before seen!
1-25-08  New photos and webpages featuring Northern California racer Chuck Parsons.
1-7-08 Author/historian Gary Horstkorta contributed these photos of NorCal racing in 1953 from the Nichols Collection.   All pages posted!
1-5-08  First comments on the ex-Bro Crim OSCA "Mystery Car"!
1-1-08 New "Mystery Car"!  Bob Wilder is looking for photos and info on the ex-Bro Crim OSCA. 
1-1-08 Great event!!!  "Southern Yosemite Automotive Film Festival"  March 28-30. 2008.
1-1-08 HMSA and "MG Vintage Racers" invite MG racers to Laguna Seca March 15-16, 2008.
1-1-08 More from Bob Engberg on the "Elva 50th Annniversary at Sebring".
1-1-08 New website sponsor:   "Old School Restorations of North Alabama, USA"  "Returns 1950s and 1960s SportsRods and RaceCars to life."
1-1-08              "Best Shots Homepage"  Your webmaster's favorite and most fun shots!

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