Were Pearce Woods and Pete Woods the Same Guy?
Here's Pearce Woods in his Jaguar D-Type at Torrey Pines, January 14-15, 1956. 
And here's Pete Woods at Riverside on April 3, 1960 in a Devin SS entered by Phil Kondratief.

PEARCE Woods last appeared at the April 21-22, 1956 Pebble Beach races in the 3442cc. D-Jaguar shown above, entered by Charles Hornburg, Jr.  He DNF'd.

PETE Woods first appeared in a 3621cc. D-Jaguar at the inaugural Riverside event on September 21-22, 1957, entered by Ronald Milosevich.  He also DNF'd.

Were they the same guy?  If you know the answer:  Please email me!

(7-5-08)  From Mike Woods, son of Pearce/Pete Woods:

"Yes, Pearce, Pierce, and Pete are the same person. I am trying to find the race programs that I had when I was younger, one of them was from Sebring he was co driver with Bobby Unser and someone else, can't remember the name."

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