Pearce Woods -- Jaguar C-Type:  Torrey Pines, Oct. 25, 1955

Woods won the October 25, 1955  6-hour enduro in this car, a C-Type Jaguar." Woods drove the full race distance "iron man" without a relief driver.

Here Woods asks our photographer Bill Tibbetts, a friend and spectator, to get him a coke from a refreshment stand.  The driver picked up the drink from a flagman on the next lap.

(12-2-13)  From Bill Tibbetts:

"On 12/02/13 Bill Tibbetts searched his memory and is correcting the description of the Coke delivery to read that Woods asked flagger Ken Stutzman to get him a Coke next time around, and a friend of Stutzman and Woods, Bill Tibbetts, who was nearby inside the snow fencing taking photos, ran to fetch a Coke and gave it to Ken, and Woods picked up the drink from Stutzman next time around."

Your webmaster was surprised to learn that early 1950s C-Jag driver PEARCE Woods was indeed the same person as PETE Woods who later drove Devin SS cars.

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