Al Torres -- Cal Club Starter of the 1950s

Your webmaster knows nothing about this jovial-looking fellow.  Visitors are welcome to share their memories of him:  Please email me!

(6-30-08)     From website visitor Charlie Vehle:  "The starter you had listed as Al Papp is actually Al Torres.  Al Papp held the title of race coordinator."

(9-16-09)   From Can-Am racer Jerry Entin:

"Joe Playan would like you to put up what he thought of Al Torres on your picture of him by the flags.

Joe felt Al Torres was a 100% guy. He was a great starter that was really interested in the drivers safety. If he felt you were driving over your head, he would call you in and say , "You better sit this one out, it is dangerous out there and you need to think." 

That is what he did if you went off course during a race. Joe knows because Al called him in at Willow Springs when he went off course."

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