Basie Roode's South African Matra
From Basie Roode:  "I need history on my car that I've owned since 1987.  This car was apparently raced in 1964 in the 9hr race in Kyalami, South Africa."
More from Basie Roode:  "On other forums that I've approached some people say there was no such car and other people remember the car."
If you can help Basie with some history on his car Please email me!
(3-4-09)  From website vistor Lionel Aglave: 

"Just an idea, is your chassis similar to this picture?  It's from a racing DJET."    lionel (from france!)

(5-1-09)   From website visitor "Mynderd": 

"Hi, the pics of Basie's car i do reconice!  This car was known as the "Renault Racer" at old Kyalami-RSA.   It competed in the Nissan Challenge and the Kyalami 2 Hour Endurance race & Formula Ford Class  (racing no.124).   In round about 1988-1990 it competed in Clubmans at Goldfields, Zwartkops, Midvaal........ (racing no.195/6)  If you need more info. mail me ( and i will scratch for some pics.& tecnical info. on this "Renault Racer"  Regards from a Gordini owner-  Alconi VDB".

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