Anthony Kalil's Devin-MG

Anthony sent me the photos & info below.  Can anyone help him identify his car?

"The car is described as a 1958 Devin.  It has an MGA engine and transmission, but components of the front suspension are fabricated, as well as the entire rear suspension upper and lower a arms, the rear spindles, and the rear end.  It has an entirely fabricated very light guage tubular frame that looks almost like a type 61 birdcage chassis."
"The frame has a truss type of center section, with inner and outer thin aluminum panels to form the floor boards, and a complete belly pan.  The fuel tank is fabricated from thin wall aluminum, as well as the surge tank up front.  The rear of the car is particularly interesting, in that the suspension setup looks very sophisticated for its day.  It has a leading and trailing arm supporting the drive and braking loads, with a transverse leaf and lower a arms that protrude beneath the belly pan for lateral loads.  The rear end looks to have been modified from a solid axle center section with bearing plates bolted to the sides, but I could be wrong about this."
"After partially sanding the car, it appears to have been originally painted a goldy bronze color, with three white racing stripes down the sides.  They start off narrower at the front, and gradually get wider as they extend to the rear fender opening.  The center stripe grows to almost 9 or 10 inches as it reaches the fender opening.  The car has rear flares, but they seem to have been added later, since there is no gold color on them.  The car seems to have been painted yellow after that, and then finally green before it was primered and parked.  It was last registered in California, and the tag was last current in 1979."

"My name is Anthony Kalil, and I have found an old Devin race car and I need to trace its history.  My brother Sean Kalil wrote you about a year ago about a car that he found in a barn, and he said you helped him successfully trace it back to John Sabel.  Everybody seems to tell me similar good things about your archive on vintage sports racing cars, so I hope my car has a real history to be found.

It has sat in storage for about 20 years, and was last owned by Alex Quattlebaum Sr., who owns 3 Devin SS's.  I would imagine that he might know a great deal about it, but he said he just bought it, and stored it, and didn't remember who he got it from.  Hopefully, the pictures, or the description, or even the fabrication will shed some light on this car.

I would appreciate any information that you might have, or any leads that you may know of."

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