Main Event Starts -- 1961

In 1961 Ak Miller in his orange #311 Devin-Oldsmobile had the biggest engine in west coast sports car racing.  He used this 7000cc. Oldsmobile to power his way to repeated victories in the Pikes Peak hillclimb in Colorado, and to out accelerate lesser-engined cars off the line in California races.

At Pomona on Saturday, July 8 1961, Miller jumps off ahead of race winner Don Hulette in his Jaguar-Chevrolet (ex-Pickford Jaguar Special) and Bob Drake in Old Yeller IV. 

Miller's lead didn't last long.  Bob Drake and Hulette passed him quickly and went on to an epic confrontation that ended tragically when Drake's steering broke.

Miller again out-accelerates the field into Turn 1 at the Reno racing event held at Stead AFB on Sept. 23-24, 1961.  Miller leads Bill Krause in his D-Type Jaguar-Corvette and John Brophy in his black Devin-Chevrolet.  Again, Miller's lead didn't last long.  Chuck Parsons went on to win the race in his Maserati Type 61 "Birdcage". 
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