1952 OSCA 2000
From Peter Reeves:  "I am researching a 1952 OSCA 2000S that we have in our collection. A search on the internet  directed me to your website which refers to this car as Chevy powered and driven by Ron Hunter as raced against Chuck Sargent.   The car is now fitted with a 2.5 litre OSCA engine and I am trying to find out when and where this was fitted.  The photo shows the car as it appears today."
(4-10-08)  John Knudsen contributed this photo of an OSCA at a 1952 Elkhart Lake race event which is very similar to the car above.  Sharp eyes can pick out some detail differences.
(4-9-10)  From Steve Christiansen:

"Peter Reeves is asking for info on an OSCA previously owned by Ron Hunter.  Ron was a racer out of Denver and was very prominent in the Colorado Region of SCCA.  Ron had the car converted to Chevy V8 power in the 59-60.  He raced it for several years in the Mid-West.  There is a photo published in Road & Track showing Ron trying out the passenger seat of Chuck Sargent's Birdcage.  The photo was used on the back page with Sargent showing a funny expression.  I believe this happened in Turn 2 at Continental Divide Raceway in 1961 or 1962 at the USAC pro race.  I also remember Ron racing the OSCA at Pikes Peak.  Peter should be able to check the archives at the Pikes Peak Museum group in Colorado Springs for info. There should be plenty of info on the car and many members of the SCCA in Colorado should still be around that remember it.  Something in my memory bank says Bob Carnes did some of the work at his  Bocar shop."

(9-21-11)   From Elad Shraga:

The caption says that this picture was taken in the 1952 Elkhart lake race, by contributor John Knudsen. The car has the same profile as OSCA chassis number 1122, but here are two questions:

1. At the September 1952 race program car number 48 is a BMW entered by Tony Pompeo, not an OSCA. In fact the cars listed as OSCA are well known and should not be related to 1122, and would not share the visual profile.

2. I have seen a mention of 1122 participating in the Elkhart Lake races, but I see no positive confirmation. Can someone help by confirming if the car did run at the races, by whom (I assume it was not Randy Mcdugal)?

This is quite intriguing as this could be the first known picture of OSCA Chassis 1122 before it got to the west coast and started its rather famous career."

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