Stockton Photos -- April 14-15, 1962

While looking for something else your webmaster found the negatives for these strangely colored photos with  swampland in the background.  They were a total surprise -- he had no idea they existed (or who shot them).   The normal-looking photos with the warehouse in the background were shot by your webmaster and have been in his collection since 1962.

All of the photos were taken at the Stockton SCCA races on the weekend of April 14th-15th, 1962.  Click on thumbnail for full-sized photo and text.  (Or click through the pages in sequence).

Chuck Sargent -- Maserati Type 61
Bob Harris -- Campbell Special
Ron Dykes -- Maserati 300S
Rod Carveth -- Ferrari 250TR
Ak Miller -- Devin-Oldsmobile
Bill Sherwood -- Ferrari-Chevrolet
Bob Potter -- C-Type Jaguar (1)
Bob Potter --C-Type Jaguar  (2)
Dan von Hermann -- Maserati Type 60
Dave MacDonald -- 1962 Corvette
Paul Reinhart -- 1957 Corvette
Don Wester -- Porsche 356 Carrera
Jack Dalton -- BMC Mk.II F-Jr.
Ed Leslie -- Gemini Mk.3A F-Jr
Ed Leslie -- Austin Healey 3000
Fraser Sibbald -- Crosley Special
Rick Hilgers -- Morgan Plus 4
"Pat" Patterson -- Elva Courier
Frank "Red" Geesaman -- Lotus Mk.7
Start -- Class "F" Production Race
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