Bill Sherwood -- Ferrari-Chevrolet

Northern California Corvette driver Red Faris bought this car from Stan Sugarman after the July 15-16, 1961 Cotati races.  Faris raced the car himself at Vaca Valley Raceway on August 19-20, 1961 but didn't like its handling.  Fellow NorCal Corvette driver Bill Sherwood then became its "Designated Driver". 

Sherwood raced the car for Faris in Northern California during the rest of the 1961 season and through all of the 1962 season.  He won his only overall victory at Vaca Valley Raceway in November, 1962, after Stan Peterson rolled Bev Spencer's Maserati Type 151 in Turn 1.

Faris sold the car to another NorCal Corvette driver, Danno Raffetto, who raced it in NorCal events in 1963-64.

Michael Callaham has driven this car in historic races since 1985 with V12 power.

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