Bob Potter -- C-Type Jaguar  (1)

This veteran car had a long history in California racing (see below).  It lives on in historic racing in the capable hands of Terry Larson of Mesa, AZ.

Here's the history of this car, Jaguar C-Type #0017:

Supplied to Hornburg, USA; sold to Sterling Edwards (San Francisco); 1952 Torrey Pines, California, 3rd; also raced by Irv Robbins, including Palm Springs; Pebble Beach, crashed by mechanic (hit straw bale); late-1953 sold to Louis Brero; 1954 March Field, Riverside, California, 5th; Torrey Pines, Six Hour Race, 1st; various successes in other races and hillclimbs.

1955 sold to Ray Seher (Nevada); raced 14 times including Santa Rosa, California, 3rd; Sacramento races, 1st in class x 2: 2nd overall x 2  1st overall; Stockton,  1st; Santa Rosa,1st; Stockton, 1st; Cotati Air Field, 2nd; 1956 Salinas,1st (on same day James Dean was killed on Highway 101 on his way to this race); Santa Rosa.1st; Cotati Air Field, 2nd. Walnut Grove; Stockton: Laguna Seca, 3rd.

Sold to Leon Mandel (publisher of "Autoweek" magazine); raced about six times for owner by several local drivers including Bob O'Brien; 1962 Stockton, Laguna Seca.

Bob Potter raced the car in 1962; sold to Chuck Davies; restored, painted black, used for concours and occasional daily use. 

January 1967, featured in Road ? Track: 1969 sold to Orin Palmer (Califomia); 1970 raced at Laguna Seca; car then stored.

1987 sold to Terry Larson (Arizona) and used in many vintage races and events.

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