Candlestick Park -- September 15, 1963              Photo by Tony Ferrari

I could have cropped this photo to fit better on the page, but I like the bay ? the port facilities so I left them in. 

Leading this group is #78 Stan Burnett in Ferrari TRI/61 #0794 (then owned by Dick Hahn).  Bev Spencer bought the car from Hahn, and campaigned it in NoCal events in 1964 with Frank Crane and Bill Sherwood driving.  The car is currently owned ? raced by Peter Sachs.

Next is  #28 Danno Raffeto in the ex-Bill Sherwood "Ferrari-Chevy" (better known as the ex-John von Neumann 625/TRC #0680).   Michael Callaham owns and races this car in historic races today.

Tucked in behind the Ferraris is a dark green car that I originally thought was Dave Ridenour in one of his Genies, but Ridenour won the race (as I found out later through research) in his yellow/blue Genie-Olds

George Grinzewitsch in his 2-liter Cooper is the most likely possibility -- the roll bar looks right -- and the car WAS painted green toward the end of Grinzewitsch's ownership.  Bart Martin drove the ex-Grinzewitsch Cooper to many victories in NoCal events in 1964 with Chevy power, but as of September, 1963, that was off in the future.

Next is Jim Parkinson in the rebuilt "2nd generation" Campbell Special.  At first I thought the following Corvette was Bob Bondurant's Washburn Chevrolet #614, but then I remembered that Bondurant raced his Stingray that weekend (he finished 2nd).   In the program is #314, Norman Smith -- entered in a Corvette.

The white Elva Mk.6 in the background could be the Class "G" car entered by William "Bunny" Ribbs, one of the few African-American drivers in early 1960s NoCal SCCA racing.  He's the father of pro racer Willy T. Ribbs.

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