More Formula Juniors

This section features Formula Junior and other open-wheeled "Monoposto" cars from 1961-62.  Talented and accomplished drivers like Ed Leslie, Pat Pigott, and Jack McAfee competed in these nimble racers.

Pat Pigott / Jack McAfee / Chuck Parsons
Strother Jones / Ray Altman / Odette Bigler
Dolphin F-Jr. / George Pridmore /
Bill Shaw
Ed Freutel / MG Specials at
Santa Barbara
Walt Hansgen / Roger Penske / Pat Pigott
Bob Drake / Walt Hansgen /  Dave Ridenour
Nick Dioguardi / Tom Milana / Ray Weaver
Tony Escalle / Bill Wood / Larry Albedi
Ray Seher / Bob Wenz / Bob Korst

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