More Formula Juniors -- 3

By 1961, most Formula Junior cars were imported from England.  Lotus, Cooper, and upstarts like Gemini dominated the Italian cars and homegrown USA-built brands like BMC and Dolphin.

This low-cost formula also attracted individual "Special builders", whose creativity brought interesting and unusual cars to the racing grids.

Ken Miles was listed as the driver of this factory-entered Dolphin in the program at Santa Barbara, Sept. 2-3, 1961.  In this photo, another driver (maybe Ron Cole or Kurt Neumann) is behind the wheel.
Kurt Neumann at Del Mar on a foggy morning, December 9-10, 1961 

A well-made car, the San Diego design was fast, but not quite fast enough to catch the latest from Lotus and other British makes.

When F-Jr began in 1959, front- engined Italian designs like George Pridmore's Stanguellini (shown here at Cotati on Nov. 11-12, 1961) ruled.

By 1960, Lotus and Cooper had relegated such cars to the back of the grid.

The ugliest Formula Junior at Santa Barbara was the aptly-named "Cockroach" driven by Bill Shaw.

This interesting entry used 3-cylinder 2-stroke DKW power and front wheel drive.  Shaw finished 14th, not a bad showing in a 30+ car field.

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