More Formula Juniors -- 2

Formula Juniors were not only quick and exciting racing cars, they were also relatively affordable, at least at first.  But rapid evolution meant a driver needed the "car of the month" or even the "car of the week" if he wanted a chance to win.

To keep older cars running, a three-tiered "claiming" class system was instituted.  Class I was not claimable, classes II and III could be bought for ?????  (I forget, but it was cheap!).  This led to huge fields, as older cars stayed competitive with their contemporaries.

Strother Jones was another Northern California driver who campaigned a Lotus Mk.20 in 1961.

Shown here at Stead AFB near Reno on Sept. 23-24, 1961 he was always among the leaders.

Note the Class "II" numerals on Ray Altman's #68 BMC Mk.II.  Ron Hanford's #62 BMC Mk.I was probably a Class "III".  The BMC F-Jrs were built in San Francisco by Joe Huffaker.
Odette Bigler was the only woman competing regularly in Formula Junior in 1961.

She was more than a match for most of the men in her always well- prepared Lotus Mk.18.

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