More Formula Juniors -- 1

Some of the West Coast's finest drivers campaigned these single seaters in 1960-63.  These nimble, usually mid-engined cars used production-based 1000 cc or 1100cc. engines.

Pat Pigott of Bellingham, Wash. knew how to wring the most out of lightweight Lotus cars.  Shown here at Stead AFB near Reno on Sept. 23-24, 1961 he DNF'd after leading in this very quick Lotus Mk.20.

He won the main event for sports/racing cars at Laguna Seca on October 25, 1959 in a 2-liter Climax-powered Lotus Mk.15.

No stranger to agile mid-engined cars, Porsche Spyder expert Jack McAfee won at Reno in another Lotus Mk.20.
Monterey's Chuck Parsons sold his Birdcage Maserati to Dan Prades after the pro races in October, 1961.

He moved to F-Jr. and won at Riverside on March 3-4, 1962 driving this Cooper.

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