More Formula Juniors -- 4 

Some of  the cars had 1500 cc. engines and thus were actually Formula 2 cars under FIA rules.  They ran in the same races as the Formula Juniors and added diversity to the grids.

Ed Freutel drove this 1500cc. Climax powered Cooper T-51 F2 car to second place overall in the Formula car race at Santa Barbara on Sept. 2-3, 1961.
These 1500cc. MG Specials of  Nels Miller #99 and #26 Walter Huff were survivors of another era in California racing-- the early 1950s.

They battled on even terms all weekend at Santa Barbara on Sept. 2-3, 1961.

Website visitor Dan Wilson of Colorado Springs adds:

"A picture on the "More Formula Juniors 4" page has some history behind it. The yellow #99 car is the olde Ken Miles R1 MG special, and the hidden orange #26 car is the very similar Bud Hand MG special. Both started as sports cars in the fifties, and both were campaigned as 1500 Formula II cars, often running side by side. The Hand car was wrecked at Vaca Valley later in it's career.  Thanks for the great website!"

Diverse cars exit the hairpin at Santa Barbara.

Bill Shaw's odd DKW-powered "Cockroach" leads Freutel in the F2 Cooper and Rob Nethercutt in his #201 Lotus Mk.20

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