More Formula Juniors -- 9

Northern California drivers at Laguna Seca on October 21-22, 1961.

Ray Seher in his Lotus Mk.20 leads Ray Altman in his BMC Mk.II into the corkscrew.
Bill Wood in Dr. Lyle Powell's Crocus leads Bob Wenz in a Cooper Formula III car.  The Formula III cars used 500 cc. motorcycle engines.  JAP and Norton were frequent choices.
Wenz checks something on his car as he climbs the hill at Laguna Seca.

With only 500 cc. he'll have time to check the car and the scenery.

Bob Korst in his Cooper Mk.X with Norton power.

Sunglare or a photo artifact?  Is that Korst's middle finger up by his helmet?  No, both of his hands are on the wheel. 

Imagine the sound of Korst's one-lunger motor chugging up the hill.

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