Allan "Pat" Patterson -- Elva Courier

Patterson was another Monterey Peninsula entrant. 

Your webmaster has no idea who shot this group of photos or why they look the way they do.  Whoever shot them used a 35mm camera, while your webmaster's Voigtlander shot size 120 film.  The shooter must also have been Monterey Peninsula based, as so many of his shots featured Peninsula drivers.

As weird and "off" as the color appears in this photo (and in the others of this group),  much work with "Photoshop" has gone into making it (and the others) look even this good.   These negatives must have been exposed to something horrible:  (Heat?  Moisture? Chemical fumes of some kind?)  over the decades to cause this damage. 

Another mystery is how these shots came into your webmaster's possession.  He found the negatives deep in storage while looking for something else, with no associated prints.  This leads to the problem of what became of the original prints.

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