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12-26-09 If you've never seen Leif Snellman's "Golden Era of Grand Prix Racing":  It's worth a look.
12-24-09 David Grossman is restoring the ex-Art Snyder Lola Mk.1 #BR-2.
12-21-09 Author/historian Michael T. Lynch is curious about this "Mystery Car" from 1959.
12-20-09 "Bugatti Grand Prix" attracts international field for "2010 Monterey Historic Automobile Races".
12-15-09 Does anyone have a spare 2005 Monterey Historics program to sell or trade?   Please email me!
12-10-09 Ron Zeller contributed this photo of Ken Miles from 1966.
12-6-09 Wade Fuller comments on Tim Hunt's Jabro-Olds "Mystery Car".
Malcolm Wood comments on Jerry Van Kalleveen's AC Bristol.
Malcolm also comments on Dave Perry's F-Mod "Mystery Car".
11-18-09 2010 Monterey Historics Sanctioning Body and  Racing Groups Announced!
11-8-09 Bob Wilder provided an updated history and photos of "Bro Crim's OSCA".
Dr. Ernie Nagamatsu offers more info on his lakester, the "Spurgin-Giovanine Roadster".
Darrell Wilhelm brings more info on John Gordon's "Mystery Car".
10-14-09 Willem Oosthoek and Michel Bollée's  "Maserati Tipo 60 and 61: The magnificent Front-engined Birdcages".  Read your webmaster's review!
10-9-09 Dr. Ernie Nagamatsu contributed photos of early 1960s Southern California racing.
10-7-09 Corry Arnold's videos of 1960s race events:  "YouTube"  links.
9-25-09 "Best Shots!" from the Monterey Historics posted!
9-10-09 More drama at Monterey:   David Love misses Turn 8 and crashes his Ferrari Testa Rossa into the tire barrier.
9-9-09 Drama at Monterey:  Jon Shirley spins his Ferrari Testa Rossa in Turn 8!
9-5-09 Must read book for car freaks:  "Go Like Hell" by A.J. Baime.  Ford GT-40 and Mk.II vs. Ferrari P-Series Prototypes at LeMans in the 1960s. 
8-23-09 Must-see website:  "The Chaparral Files"!
Malcolm Wood's "Mystery Car" identified!
Andy Dziedzic ID's more cars and drivers from Chuck Fawcett's Torrey Pines 1954 photos!
8-11-09 Peter McKercher would like info on Bill Kerrigan's winning Singer at Reno, 1951
8-7-09 Malcolm Wood's 1930 Austin Seven Special!
Chuck Fawcett's Photos (5)  More B/W photos, including some from Carrell Speedway!
7-29-09 Chuck Fawcett's Photos (4):  B/W photos from Chuck's collection.
7-28-09 Heiner Reinhardt is seeking verification of the racing history of his Miller-PBS "H-Modified".
7-26-09 Chuck Fawcett's Photos (3):   All photos from the June 23-24, 1956 races Elkhart Lake, WI posted!
7-25-09 Chuck Fawcett's Photos (2):   All 32 links are "live" now!
7-24-09 Longtime racer and "car guy" Bob Falcon is looking for photos from his racing career.
Darrell Wilhelm offers info on three "Mystery Cars"  John Gordon's / MB's / Tim Ritter's
7-18-09 Chuck Fawcett contributed his photos of Southern California racing in the 1950s.
7-2-09 Lou Brero's Kurtis-Cadillac (And other great cars!)
6-30-09 "Wine Country Classic 2009 "Best Shots" posted!
6-26-09 Mark Nelson's new "Mystery Car" posted!
Two new models from Jack Reynolds!
6-20-09 New "Mystery Car"!  Sports/racer from 1965.
6-19-09 Tony Ferrari contributed articles from "The Wheel" on:  1) The two fatal accidents at Candlestick Park, 8-9-65.  2) The Class A-B-C Production race at Candlestick Park 8-8-65.
6-15-09 Porsche and Genie-Ford racer DonWester contributed photos from his career in the 1950s-1960s..
5-1-09 Joe Breeze added more info on Joe Esherick's Frazer Nash.
Website visitor Mynderd ID'd Basie Roode's South African "Mystery Car"!
4-30-09 Joe Breeze added info for these pages: 1) John Reid -- Jaguar XK-120   2)  Joe Esherick -- Frazer Nash  3)   Bill David -- Hagemann-MG   4)  Two 300SLs -- At Santa Rosa 6-7-55
4-12-09 New photos!  Bob Harris in the Birdcage Maserati, the Elva-Maserati, and the "Vinegaroon" Genie.
3-16-09 Doug Hooper and the Campbell Kurtis "Alligator Special".
Royce A. Ratterman of Grua, Norway offers more info on "Vaca Valley Raceway".
3-14-09 Mike Larkin's "Sorrell-Larkin Special" Tribute Car on track at Willow Springs.
3-12-09  Mitch Goldstein is looking for info on the Sprite Mk.2 driven at Sebring in 1962 by Steve McQueen.
2-18-09 Dr. Ernie Nagamatsu is restoring the Spurgin-Giovanine Dry Lake roadster from 1948.
2-15-09 Raffi Minasian is looking for the competition history of his beautiful 1953 Giaur "Mystery Car".
Phil Cohen created this great model of Bob Challman's Lotus Mk.9-MG.
2-11-09 "Legends of Riverside"  Annual Racing Film Festival and Gala! March 27-29, 2009
Jerry van Kalleveen is looking for the competition history of his AC Bristol "Mystery Car".
All photos posted from the 1-31-09/2-1-09 HMSA races at Mazda-Laguna Seca Raceway!
2-4-09  New info from Darrell Wilhelm identifies John Gordon's "Mystery Car"!
1-16-09 Bob Harris on the "Origins of the Campbell Special".
Letter from Max Balchowsky to Scotty Beckett re: the Buick engine for the "Lo-Test Special".
1-14-09 Bob Harris raced the Chevy V8-powered mid-engined Campbell Special in 1961-62
Morgan is the featured marque at the May 30-31. 2009 "Wine Country Classic" historic races.
1-11-09  Rodney Packwood is looking for info on the history of his GlassPar-Chrysler "Mystery Car".
1-9-09  Anthony Kalil's Devin Mystery Car -- New photos ? info!
Dick Thompson's Corvette at Pebble Beach in 1956 -- More info from Jim Gessner.
1-7-09  Jim Gessner's photos and info on the four Mickey Thompson Corvettes at Daytona in 1963.
Another photo from David Martin -- possible clues to the origin of his interesting photos?
1-5-09  Update on George Keck's Porsche "RSKeck" -- modified Porsche 550 with Corvair power!
1-3-09              David Martin's photos from Riverside and Pomona -- 1959.
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